Our education program is aimed at reminding music programs of a golden rule; create flow & allow freedom for learning in the classroom itself. Thus, the Audiation Music team took the time to create a methodology specifically aimed at re-working how the music program functions. Its main goal which isn’t far from the goal of most music teachers: “To develop, foster and increase student achievement and individual responsibility both inside and outside the musical classroom.”

After years of involvement with elementary, secondary and higher music education we realized many programs were in dire need of what TLC would call an “extreme makeover”.  An extremely qualified consultant would implement various strategies for student involvement and procedural execution all the while maintaining a unique relationship (one that removes any assessment/grade bias) with all the students in the music program. The realization of this need for many music programs was two-fold indicating a need not only in student life but also in the organizational layout of the room itself.

Find out more about the instruments Audiation Music prides itself on hand building for each order made. Our current list of instruments in production are: Kodály Cajón, Djajón, and Audiotone. View each of the instrument to get an understanding through words, sounds and images what to expect when you purchase an instrument from Audiation Music!